Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Claire bear and her new glasses........

Dewey wanted a pic. too:)

Yay for warm sunny days!:)

Relaxing at the pool;)
Out for ice cream at Zip's....i think Ariel had a mouth full:)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mothers Day

Cambree brought this home for me, with a card that said I was~ lovely, awesome, beautiful, kind, valuable,gorgeous, happy, and loving. WOW, even I didn't know I was that great!;)
And my sunflower from sweet Ariel. She was SO excited about this!:)

We stopped at Cabela's after church on Sunday. It's actually a pretty neat store, the kids thought it was like a Field trip, with all the animals and the huge fish tank:)

The guys made us brunch, we were quite impressed. They even fed all 13 kids, cleaned them up, served us girls, and cleaned the kitchen.

While we relaxed in the living room......

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Me and Susie went and got pedicures nice!

Night Owl

Claire~ 11:00 at night, playing hard while everyone else is making zzzz's.

I'm pretty sure she the cutest, sweetest thing around.(and maybe a tad bit spoiled:) I'm going to have to break this habit before the baby comes, don't think It'll be quite as cute then;)

May Day

Ariel brought this home for Matt on May Day, sure that he would be thrilled:) Then she proudly tells us many times over " My teacher says I'm like a professional at paper mache! So, don't buy pinatas anymore, I can make them." :)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

and the baby bump.........

Keeps growing.........
I usually don't take a belly pic. this early:) but whatever, as long as I don't get hugely large;)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My Baby

Well here's the baby at 14 wks. It's laying on its stomach, isn't its little legs so cute?:) Who do you think it looks like?..hehe I got a really cute pic of its little hand waving to me;) but when your taking a pic. of a pic. it don't turn out the greatest! Man I'm getting sick of calling it! One more month and we can say boy or girl. What do you think it is? Everything looks great so far, and I'm due nov. 5th.

Our Sunny Sunday

The kids had a picnic in the backyard for lunch.

Then we took them to Williams Lake for some fishing. They all caught fish, and I could have got lots of cute pics. But my battery died on my camera:(

It's a nice lake though and they have a cute little restaurant I want to try, I heard they have really good huckleberry crisp...mmm sounds yummy:) So Jen should we go here and stay with the whole family this year? It's only 15 min. from my house, hehe.

girls will be girls

Claire thinks she has to dress "herself" every morning...sometimes she comes out looking quite interesting!:-)