Sunday, February 21, 2010

family time

We took the kiddos to Bonneville Dam Fish Hatchery on the way home.

Wonder how big this one is..

Me wearing my adorable Jellie Babies baby carrier from my sweet friend Michelle. Love it!

Oh, and I even got to see darling Matilda Jane before I left town. My brother Ben & his wife Meg now have 4 girls & 1 boy..just like me:)


My hubby and I were able to escape for a much needed night away last wknd. (Thankful for family who will take in our 5 little rascals!:) We stayed on the river at Hotel Fifty in downtown Portland. Was a blast! We tried sushi (on accident). Matt patiently followed me around while I shopped. Found the cutest boots ever at Aldo. Got spoiled. I did follow him around at the Sportsman's show though, so that probably helped;)


My 28th birthday downtown at P.F. Changs..mmm

At good ole' Denny's on my 'actual' birthday for a milkshake. I had oral surgery to have my wisdom teeth removed that morning. I made the girls puff their cheeks to match mine:) Little did I know my face was going to get about 3x more swollen and black, blue, yellow, purple, florescent green...what an ordeal! It's been almost 3 wks and my bruising still isn't completely gone. So, if you see discoloration on my face in the next posts, it's not just a bad makeup job..;)