Sunday, February 21, 2010


My 28th birthday downtown at P.F. Changs..mmm

At good ole' Denny's on my 'actual' birthday for a milkshake. I had oral surgery to have my wisdom teeth removed that morning. I made the girls puff their cheeks to match mine:) Little did I know my face was going to get about 3x more swollen and black, blue, yellow, purple, florescent green...what an ordeal! It's been almost 3 wks and my bruising still isn't completely gone. So, if you see discoloration on my face in the next posts, it's not just a bad makeup job..;)


Out in the Fields said...

They must've really dug around in there to get those teeth out! I've never heard of such a thing. Anyway Happy Birthday!

Teresa Matson said...

Why'd you bruise so much? Did you accidentally do something to it yourself while it was numb?? Looks like a fun night out with the girls:) The getaway in Portland looks great too! Love couples time!
Love all the pictures :)

Holly said...

Hope ya had a good one anyway:) looks like ya did;) Happy birthday!