Tuesday, December 6, 2011

baby bump

Finally past the 1st trimester, and feeling pretty normal! Should be able to find out the baby's sex in about 4 wks..can't wait. Although either would be perfectly fine, it would be neat to have another boy. Duane is already 8. To tell you the truth, I will be shocked if it is a boy...we shall see:)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ape Caves

I haven't been to Ape Caves for yrs. Matt & the kids had never been.(aside from Duane, I guess he went with a friend) We finally made it in Aug. The big kids liked it, but Ella was not impressed. Of course it didn't help that we weren't prepared. Even when it is 90* outside, you need jeans & a hooded sweatshirt. We were smart enough to wear tennis shoes, but froze, got cave slime on our heads, & got eaten by mosquitoes. It was fun none the less. :)Mt. St. Helens up close.
Apparently Duane wasn't too interested in a pic. :)
Going down.
Inside of the cave!

Claire & Ella freezing cold and happy to be almost back out.

Picking huckle berries. We went a few times this yr. Matt picked most of them. I love berries, but to be honest, I get bored after about one bush:)
Ella all wore out one evening after her bath.
The girls making dinner. Did it all themselves, including taking orders and serving everyone. They called it the Cowgirl Cafe:)
Relaxing in the yard one Summer day. Ella in her dress up, as always.
Duane with Ariel & Claire Sept. 7th on his 8th Bday.
Ariel Oct. 16th..her 10th Bday
In other news...we got a cute puppy.

In other other news we are expecting #6!! So exciting! Can't wait to be done with the first trimester, & feeling icky. I am 8 wks & 5 days today:) Am very thankful I don't get super sick like my sis Jen . I think I would die;)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pacific City

This beach is such fun! View from the top of the sand dune. So pretty!

At the top.

Duane spent most of the day in these tide pools, finding various creatures.

Grandma with Ella & Kate.

Claire & Annaka.

Diana & her girls.

Ella-a speck in the sand.

Climbing up.

Rolling down. That just doesn't even look right, Tavin. haha

My little monkey.

Beach bums.


Ella-just a bit sandy.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Tillamook Cheese Factory

We stopped at the cheese factory on our way to Pacific City. My kids have never been, and I haven't been in years. It was fun!

Driving the cheese loaf van.

Milking a cow.

And of course, watching the cheese be made.

Pig roast

My hubby roasted up a pig. We decided to have some fun, and do a Luau theme. Here's a few snapshots.

Read more about this here.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Our cat had three kittens. The kids have been loving it. We're keeping the two boys kittens, but want to find a home for the mama cat & the girl kitten (she's really cute!) anyone interested?:)

Washing daddy's truck.

At the Parade of Bands in Hazel Dell.

Free Popsicles!

Ella with all her loot.

Watching for Cambree.

Here she is. She had to do this for about 3 hrs. They marched 3 miles, I think she was pretty wore out. Cambree was also in the Portland Junior Rose Festival Parade, I didn't make it to that one though, so no pics.

Blue mouth.

...and she's out...

Monday, May 9, 2011

this n' that

The kids blowing bubbles on one of our rare nice days.

They hauled out all my kitchen gadgets.

Ella is always bringing me flowers:)

Haha..that is supposed to say 5/8/11..

..and this is supposed to say4/23/11//oops:)
You can tell Matt is outside a lot more then me. Man, am I white. Summer where are you? I guess it is still Spring.

Hiking at Moulton Falls.

Out my kitchen window. These two sat like this forever. So funny.

1. "I hungry, Mom!"

2. Cambree says, " The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, hey, Mom?!"

3. Ella & Cambree (my oldest & youngest:) Cam has her rag curlers in:)

4. This is what happens when daddy comes home. Needless to say, I took most of it away from her.