Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Our cat had three kittens. The kids have been loving it. We're keeping the two boys kittens, but want to find a home for the mama cat & the girl kitten (she's really cute!) anyone interested?:)

Washing daddy's truck.

At the Parade of Bands in Hazel Dell.

Free Popsicles!

Ella with all her loot.

Watching for Cambree.

Here she is. She had to do this for about 3 hrs. They marched 3 miles, I think she was pretty wore out. Cambree was also in the Portland Junior Rose Festival Parade, I didn't make it to that one though, so no pics.

Blue mouth.

...and she's out...


Amanda said...

Cute pictures!! That is cool about Cambree playing in the parades!! :) Our cat had kittens too.. In fact one just went home tonight w/ her new owner!!

Holly said...

Wish we had gone to the parade now...;)

Eden said...

Wow, cambree didn't tell me about that! It looks so fun!