Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ape Caves

I haven't been to Ape Caves for yrs. Matt & the kids had never been.(aside from Duane, I guess he went with a friend) We finally made it in Aug. The big kids liked it, but Ella was not impressed. Of course it didn't help that we weren't prepared. Even when it is 90* outside, you need jeans & a hooded sweatshirt. We were smart enough to wear tennis shoes, but froze, got cave slime on our heads, & got eaten by mosquitoes. It was fun none the less. :)Mt. St. Helens up close.
Apparently Duane wasn't too interested in a pic. :)
Going down.
Inside of the cave!

Claire & Ella freezing cold and happy to be almost back out.

Picking huckle berries. We went a few times this yr. Matt picked most of them. I love berries, but to be honest, I get bored after about one bush:)
Ella all wore out one evening after her bath.
The girls making dinner. Did it all themselves, including taking orders and serving everyone. They called it the Cowgirl Cafe:)
Relaxing in the yard one Summer day. Ella in her dress up, as always.
Duane with Ariel & Claire Sept. 7th on his 8th Bday.
Ariel Oct. 16th..her 10th Bday
In other news...we got a cute puppy.

In other other news we are expecting #6!! So exciting! Can't wait to be done with the first trimester, & feeling icky. I am 8 wks & 5 days today:) Am very thankful I don't get super sick like my sis Jen . I think I would die;)