Tuesday, September 8, 2009

school days

Cambree & Ariel on their first day of school. Cambree is in 4th now & Ariel in 2nd. Seems like just yesterday I was in the 4th grade! Duane going to meet his teacher and see his classroom.

Duane on his first real day of school. He did good and even rode the bus.

My 3 school kids.

Duane Richard

Duane turned 6. How did he get so old? Still trying to figure that out! Saturday night we took just him to find a gift and then for pizza. He said "This is a good day, hey dad." :) I've been letting my kids choose either a big bash or go out for an evening with Mom & Dad. I like it when they choose the night out..more relaxing for me!:) I did bake him cupcakes on his actual birthday and Diana came over with her kids.

Oh yea, and of course Ella came:)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Family reunion

We had a awesome time, with lots of visiting, fun, and yummy food. I am blessed to be part of this family!

On our way.

Ella with my little sis Tami.

And with my cousin Julie.
My Aunt Judy and Jen.

Face painting...

Miss Ella Belle all wore out.
My beautiful sis Jen 2 days before little Hazel arrived. Games for the kiddos....

My mom & dad doing the blind-folded lawnmower race. This was so funny!

My little bros Matt & Isaiah with Duane.


My oldest and my youngest.

And I even got to hold sweet Hazel before I came back home. Now my baby seems huge!
Claire with brand new Hazel Jean.