Saturday, July 11, 2009

Music & Drama Camp

Cambree & Ariel had a busy week at camp. They had lots of fun though!' Bad hair day' these were taken when they got home. Wish I would've got a pic in the morning. Their hair was much more impressive!

'Nerd day' haha, this was awesome. I love these nerds!

Nerd Cambree

Nerd Ariel

Ella at the play. I know her pigtails are silly. But I couldn't resist. Duane says "Mom Ella has horns!" Yea, not really the look I was going for. But anyways...

These two were sitting so nice & quiet & not fighting. I had to get a pic. Unfortunately it didn't last. And I'm not sure what's up with the face:)

The girls on the last day of camp, after their play.

After the play we went to ice cream at Zip's with Justin&Diana, Wade&Susie, and Calvin&Debbie. There was 21 kids between all of us. 21 very hyper kids. I'm not sure if the employees will ever be the same;)

I guess peace signs and bunny ears are cool?

The little kids hoping to shake something out of the machine...:)

4th of July wknd

Just a few random pics. Ella with auntie Tami. What big eyes you have Ella;) She's 8 months old now..crazy!Ariel holding sweet little Avoni.

Ariel and Sabra.

Destiny and Cambree finally ran out of energy. For a little while.

Cambree got a hold of my camera....

My little brother Craig.

Ella must have played to hard...

and Jacelle:)

Olive Garden~Cachet & Ella

and Cachet's cute boy Mattix


Friday, July 10, 2009

some June pics.

Ella sacked out at the lake.

Ella loved the swings, but held on tight the whole time.
Angel, Ariel, and Cambree

Claire and her pretty blond hair...

Cambree & Ariel playing 'Princess Claire'. So funny, they give her a bell and come running every time she jingles it. Claire loves this game.

At the lake again...

The kids catch all kinds of things under this bridge. Just today I threw away a coffee can full of snails that Duane brought home a couple wks ago(shh..don't tell him, he would be mad at me;)
Me and Diana at Red Robin with our girls..except for Cambree. Ella's in a highchair for the first time while eating out!;)

Little Kate. I love her name too btw:)
Well, I tried to get a pic with Ella.

Playing with my baby.....