Sunday, August 9, 2009


haha, I love Kate's chubby legs!:) Ella 9mo-Kate 4mo(Diana's)- Blake 2mo(Cindy's) And they don't even look much different in size.

quality time

Matt playing 'Candy Land' with the kiddo's after work the other day... He's such a good dad, and so much better at taking the time to actually play with the kids then me!

and here is proof:)

OK, so I know I sound like one of those cheesy moms who acts like she's the only one that has babies that crawl. And it's probably boring to you...but I just think it's so cute!:D Oh, and she claps now too..:)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ella is 9 months!

Eating watermelon...
I always find her underneath things. She gets herself stuck in the strangest places sometimes!:)
Playing with the kids...

Ella is crawling! Kind of a late crawler, but that's fine, cuz now she's into everything...time to child proof!:) And she really likes yelling...just to hear her own voice I guess:) it's adorable!:)

little girls & sleepovers

I let them stay up late and we made chocolate milkshakes..mmm

Duane & Tavin fishing

with sticks and french fries....... I don't think they were too successful, but they had fun trying:)

My Dewey boy starts school in a few wks. Crazy! Kinda sad my little boy is growing up on me. He's soo excited's cute.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Camp Calvary

The kids also went to camp at our church. It was 4 days from 8:30am - 8:30pm...they were pretty wiped out by the end, but they loved it! The theme was 'In the beginning' all about creation, and how evolution couldn't possibly be true. Duane and Claire only went for 2 hrs in the evening though, and during that time our pastor did a parenting seminar, which we really enjoyed! Well here's some pics. Cambree & Ariel the first night.. Cambree & Ariel the second night....:)

Claire's excited!

and Duane...

The 4 little campers...

The last night...

Claire was so proud of her T-shirt:)