Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mr. Duane

I decided to start taking one kid at a time out with me, when I'm going to the grocery store or whatever. Otherwise they're all crying to go and it's not fair and..I'm sure you know what I mean if you have more then 1 kid! Well last night was Duane's turn. It was so cute how excited he was. We walked to Starbucks then to Blockbuster and I let him pick out a movie. (btw he got 'Garfield's Pet Force' and the kids liked it) Anyway we had fun. He talked the whole time....without stopping!:) And did this when I tried to snap a pic. He thought he was pretty funny!

Monday, June 15, 2009


Cambree and daddy at 5:30am on Sat. Going out to breakfast before her last day of Hunters Safety.
Matt wrote this on his site. I thought it was cute, so I copy&pasted it on here. :)

After months of my oldest asking to sign her up for hunters ed, I finally sat down two weeks ago and looked to see what classes were available for the year. Instructor Tom Higgins had the most classes for the year so I called to see when the next class was. I was surprised when he called back just a few days later and informed me that he had a class starting the following Mon (last week) and had one spot left to fill. We talked for a bit and signed up 9 year old miss Cambree with the hope that she was mature enough for the class. Class ran Mon-Fri 6pm-9pm and Sat 8:30 to completion. These hours left me with little time to spend with her on the book because I start my day long before she is awake and was leaving work early just to get her to class on time. Everyday on the way to class we talked about different firearms and actions along with ethical behavior and whatever I could think of to help her. On Thursday we were told that parents could take the written test on Friday for fun and could compete against our kids to see who would have to buy ice cream. Friday was a half day for Cambree as it was the last day of school so I reminded her that when she got home there would be no time for play and that much studying would be needed to pass the test. I also informed her that a failing grade only meant that she wasn't ready yet and there would be next year if she choose to try again. After I completed my test I went outside and nervously waited for her to finish all the while wondering how she would do. I went back in and checked my results and I received 100%. At that point she was still not finished so it made me even more nervous and I thought to myself how I should have maybe missed a few so I would lose the bet. Finally she came out and told me she had received a score of 1 question wrong. I was soo happy for her. We checked out the question she missed and I can only assume she circled the wrong box because the answer she choose could not have been more ridiculous. I took her out to ice cream on the way home and we talked about what she had learned and how to apply it to the range course the following day. All day today (range day), I helped out in any way I could with the instructors as I wanted for her do well for herself without dad telling her how to do everything. After each station I was able to talk to her and her instructors and they were all very happy with how well she did and in the end, she had passed all courses wonderfully. I really want to send out a huge thank you to Tom Higgins and all the other instructors who have volunteered their time to hunter education. I see the countless hours of preparation that goes into these classes and I can only encourage everyone to go and help out. I also want to say - great job Cambree.
She passed with flying colors. So I get to hunt with her and I don't think I've ever been more excited for a hunt and I don't even get to shoot.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer fun~

yea, we're cool like that

Amusing ourselves at the dentist this morning. Their prizes are the best. HaHa..doesn't Cambree look like Dakota Fanning?:)

CHECKOUT THE PONYTAIL, CHECKOUT THE PONYTAIL!;) You'd think after 4 girls I wouldn't have to put in a ponytail as soon as it's remotely possible. But I do!