Saturday, January 30, 2010

snapshots of life

Mostly of Ella. That's what happens when you're a baby. She loves listening to Cambree's mp3 player. Puts it in her ear and starts a movin' cute:)





found me!

Matt helped Cambree make a time machine for school.

Here it be. Cute, hey?

The other kids made good use of the scraps.


So sweet

I guess Ella figures this is how you play with a doll house.

I got these sweet tights as a gift from my friend Cachet for Ella. Loves them.


taj said...


Holly said...

Love the update:) Oh and not boring at all;) lol

Anna said...

Haha, thanks must have seen my FB status?:) My blog just doesn't have all the creative posts, with perfect pictures:)

tristi said...

Awww, cute pics! I'm SO jealous of her hair.. Brielle is still a little baldie :) And Cachet gave us those tights too- aren't they the cutest?

Dar said...

Ella's a lil cutie! Crazy how fast they grow when you live away..I love the cool idea's with scrapwood, too cute!:) Miss you guys

Spakouskys said...

Love all the new pics! Fun seeing the creativity at your house!

Teresa Matson said...

Adorable pictures! Love it when kids get creative!

Mike West said...

aaw cuuuute :)
little ella bella is miss popular on here hey?