Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Girls Night Downtown

The girls took me on a date for my birthday:) We went to see a "chic flic"... '27 Dresses'. Thank you Cindy and Diana! ♥ Me and Cindy downtown.

Thanks to Diana, the entertainment afterwards was MUCH better then the movie!:-) When we got back to her van she couldn't find her keys. The pics will explain the rest.....

"Oh my word, I can't believe I locked my keys in my van, and left it running for 3 hours!"

"What do I do? Justin's going to kill me!"

"Oh guys, I have a pin pad!"

"YAY! I did it!"

I love you Diana, but your such a ditz! J/k;)


jen said...

ROTFL! Great pics!!
Glad the girls are taking good care of you:-)

Taj said...

Hey!! At least the van was warmed up..!
That's completely comical =)

Rachael Nicole said...

ahaha Funny stuff. :]
Looks like you had fun!!

Christine said...

JUSTIN!!! What have you done to my daughter???!! The poor thing, losing it now. ( ahhh, all her teachers called her 'blonde') LOVE YA'S!! Looks like FUN!