Sunday, March 2, 2008

Crazy Dayz

We had quite the eventful weekend so far. Obviously I just found out I'm pregnant, Matt's family all came here from out of town, the girls started soccer, and Duane had to get 9 stitches yesterday. He was running in the house from the back yard and fell and hit his chin right on the patio door track, split it open in 2 places.....nasty. I let Matt clean him up and bring him to the doc. I'm glad he was home! We all went to eat at Black Angus last night, Duane got to come since he got hurt, he felt pretty special.
Me and my buddy boy.

Matt and Anna
Billy and Beth
Tim and Cindy came too.
The whole gang.
Claire and Annaka with their matching outfits from grandma.

Dewey got money, he might try getting hurt more often;)

Ariel, Cambree, and their cousin Brea at their first soccer practice.



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jen said...

yeah, yeah, then what?? I am waiting for more posts!