Monday, June 16, 2008

So, it will be 4 girls and 1 boy!:)

Here she is. 19 wks 5 days....cute baby hey!?Gloria, the first thing i thought when I seen her is she looks like Jazlyn:)

Hi, guys!

Her little toes..

These are kinda small, but it's her leg, foot, hand, and profile.
k, now everyone leave me a comment with what you think her name should be:)


jen said...

wow! are those 3-d? darling! I can click on the last collages and enlarge so could see them good. SSSSSSOOOOOO, whaddya gonna name her?

Amanda W. said...

How about Amanda? Hehe...J/K The only names I can think of are ones I'm holding onto if by some miracle we ever have another baby girl! Do you have any ideas? I'll have to think on this. Congrats on another little girl!

Taj said...

Ally =)
SHe's gorgeous already!!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME!!! That is our number 17! you look so cute with that lil bump :) Have you decided on a name yet? LOVE YA!!
Tell the kids a BIG HI! They look soooo cute in the pics! Dewey looks just like Matt when he was young and proud of something.
Christine...I tried to send it without making up a whole password, it wouldn't let me..grrr!

Anonymous said...

VERY CUTE love those 3-d ultra's!!!enjoy the last 1/2 of 4 a name how bout...Victoria!! It is a name of royalty ya know!!! LOL!!

jen said...

I had Cate Victoria on the top of my list for Violet, and you loved Cate and I love those together! Oh I can't wait to see little Cate Victoria!! hehe

Taj said...

Well there you go, lol. You'll have a Cate Victoria and Sara O. will have her Kaytli Eloise. =D