Monday, July 14, 2008

Some pics of our summer so far....

Me and the girls walked to Starbucks Sunday night...
Ariel showing her talent on the swing set:)

Claire Bear
A store that's named after you Taj!!
I took the kids to a parade in town on Saturday. There was a rodeo going on (which I would of liked to go to..but didn't:( anyways, they had a "rodeo days" parade...the kids loved it!

Some of the floats.........Candy!

The horses were the kids favorite part!

Cambree and Ariel were extremely bored one night, so they sold us lemonade in the backyard:)

Cambree the mermaid

Having fun at at the lake!

The girls with their monkeys....

They had fun with my camera:)

Me at 5 months prego...


Taj said...

so i see you finally figured me out...i secretly own stores...knew i couldnt keep it a secret forever ;-)
the kids are adorable!! miss ya =)

Dar~ said...

I'm lovin' your baby bump!You're kids are adorable!Gettin' them hooked on starbucks a little young, hey?:)

jen said...

Hello my sweet, modest, sister! You look beautiful. Love the pics. There are nice things about living in town, like walking to Starbucks!