Friday, October 17, 2008

Ariel Marie

Turned 7 yesterday!! Eating at TGI's....
She thought it was neat when they sang to her, but got a little embarrassed!Then to Build-A-Bear Workshop."I want this one!"Building her Husky. Before they put the heart in she had to rub it on her heart so it stays close to her heart, rub it on her back so it will always come back to her, rub it on her head so it's as smart as her, rub it on her nose so it knows her, rub it on her knee so it needs her, and so on:)Bath time...Putting on its
There were so many different things you could get your animal it was never ending! From clothes to hats&scarves to purses, glasses, phones, houses, strollers, shoes, ect. This is what Ariel's Husky that she named Sweety got:) I think I had almost as much fun as Ariel!
She finished her birthday night off with a massage:)
I'm scheduled to have our baby girl in 2 wks! So, unless I go on my own before then, her birthday will be Oct 31st. Please pray that everything goes smooth. I'm sure it will but you never know!
What is your guess on her birth weight?? I'm going to guess 7 lbs 2 oz :-)


Rachael Nicole said...

HA! now i know you went to TGI's ;)
and build a bear looks fun!
maybe i'll do that for my birthday? ;)

Amanda W. said...

hmmmm....7 lbs. 4 oz... Looks like Ariel had a fun time!! Happy belated birthday Ariel!!!

jen said...

Happy bday lucky girl!!! love the pics. I am guessing 7lb 12oz. I am horrible at these kinds of things so will probably be way off;)I can't wait to see baby. and take photos!!

jen said...

hey, i got that same sweater you are wearing! did you get from fred's?

Rachael Nicole said...

You need to add a new post :)