Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring break in Vancouver

Ella trying to reach daddy's phone. She grabs at everything lately. So cute!
"I can't get it mom!"

On the road. Notice the fishing boat in tow? Boys I tell ya!;)

Duane just loves Ella!

Our little love bug!!
Cambree making Peanut Butter Balls with Rach.

And Ariel sewing with Tami. Seriously- what would my girls do without their aunties?!

Then the boys playing on electronics...
Danica took good care of Ella when she was around. She got spoiled by everyone! Now hopefully I can train her back into not being held 24/7!

We had fun. Matt fished allot. Me and the kids pretty much hung out at mom and dads. Nice and relaxing! Not to mention mom's yummy cooking & baking...and blended coffees...and teas...thanks again for letting us come stay!
Me and Rachael Smachael:)

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Rachael Nicole said...

ooh now i can comment.
That was fun come agaiN! =D