Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Ariel!

8 years ago on Oct. 16th sweet Ariel Marie was born. At 6lbs 1oz, she was my smallest baby..such a little peanut! Here she is just a couple days old. (I don't have a scanner and took pics. of these pics. So they aren't the best.)

8 years old~

Kendra and Ariel

It's so cute how much Ella loves Kate!


Holly said...

Happy Birthday!! They are all looking so grown up! Is Kendra susies?

Spakouskys said...

So sweet! Happy birthday Ariel!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Ariel!Love, cousin Missy

jen said...

Happy bday from WR Ariel Marie! We love you!

Amaqnda W. said...

I check your blog all the time, then don't for awhile and you post!! LOL...happy late b-day Ariel!!