Monday, April 5, 2010

Funny photos

I stopped at the park on the way home from church Sunday to take some pics. I'll post the ones that 'turned out' next.

Ella screeched at the camera..
and ran full speed ahead pretty much the whole time. Made for taking pictures kind of hard. haha (and drew lots of attention)

"Mom, help, she's kissing me again."

Duane asked if he could do a silly face first & a grumpy face last. "Sure, go ahead."
I had Easter baskets for them they didn't know about. Just that if they were good they would get a really cool prize. Well it was the most hilarious thing. Duane was being too obedient. I start taking his pic. and he has this fake cheesy smile. Trying to get a more natural pic. I tell him " Um, just be serious." haha..His neck cranes forward and his eyes bug out. That didn't work. "Um, just relax." His shoulders slump and he closes his!

My failed attempt at having Cambree take a pic. of me & Ella-

"Come on Ella, look at Cambree."

Maybe if I play pat-a-cake with her..

No such luck...

She seen the swings. Can't blame her I guess:)

Lovin' it!
All done....


Spakouskys said...

Love all the Easter pics and the adorable dresses! Also, proud of you too for being so on top of your blog, wish it would rub off on me!

Sharla said...

haha..see its hard work getting good photos!! So cute though I love the dresses!