Tuesday, March 27, 2012

December 2011

Well, after 4 months of not blogging, here I am:) I guess I just lose interest and get busy. I'm going to try catch up now, and document our life a little, mainly cuz' my kids love coming on here to look at past posts, and me too. I am now almost 7 months preg...we are having another girl! I've been buying little things for baby here and there, makes me so excited to cuddle her!

Here are a few pictures of~

-Me at 4 months with baby girl.

-The kids having fun swimming at a pool in Tricities with cousins.

-Snapshots of our Christmas with family.

-Cambree out with Sabra on Dec. 16th for her 12th Birthday.


Designer of Creative Essentials said...

Love the pic of Cambree and Sabra! :)
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Lexie(Designer of Creative Essentials)

Mrs.Mike said...

So good to see an update Anna. Especially since I now live all alone on,' my mountain!' When are you due? You look lovely.