Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Matt was on the Spokane area craigslist and came across this free add:)

Free snow fort! Some assembly required.

I thought it was quite funny, but then again maybe I'm just easily amused after being stuck in this house for so many days!:p


jen from windy ridge said...

HAHA! that is almost as good as "dehydrated water" huh? Me and Levi braved the weather and went to costco and red lobster, felt good to get out!

TajW said...

That's awesome...!
I actually DROVE in the stuff.
I went to a wedding shower on Tuesday and ended up staying later then I had planned. Well, by the time I left, the roads were coated and there was nice ice everywhere. Course Craig was up here so he couldn't help at all. I only ditched once, though. It was scary stuff. I decided to not drive in snow ever again. =)
Miss Ya!