Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Icicles, Sophia, and Claire

Claire posing. She always stands like this and says " Do I look like a model?" Nerdo!;)
Thank you Grandma Kyllonen for the jacket, Claire loves it!
A pic I stole from mom of Sophia Irene and grandpa. (Ben and Megs latest addition)

I haven't seen her in real life but she looks pretty darn cute! I stole this pic from taj:)

Icicles out my living room window this morning.


TajWest said...

That's some insane snow!! And I though WE had alot.
(I typed up a whole cool comment and it vanished. I'm sad. It was cool and creative and wordy. Oh well.)
Claire is beyond model beautiful! I miss that lil girl!!
I need your addy, my dearest. I have 2 EasyBake pans, a sash, and some socks to send up!
Love n miss you all..!

Mike said...

Hello all of you!
We miss you all.
Wish I could reach into the computer screen and hug the kids :)

Love, Dad/Grandpa

Anonymous said...

Cambree you rock